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It’s been 9 months since I’ve written here.  Summer’s on its way and I’ve started writing friendly messages for strangers again.

You can keep up to date at

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Have You Seen This Card?

Two weeks ago I bought a greetings card, filled it with a message, addressed it to ‘You’ and left it in public for a stranger to find.

I tried to write what I thought was a lovely message inside the card – something that I would have liked to have read myself if I’d found a greetings card lying around.  I signed the card “” with the hope that someone would find the card and get in touch with me, but It’s been two weeks and I’ve heard nothing.

I know that the card has definitely been found, it was gone hours after I hid it, but I can’t help worrying.  Perhaps I’m being silly – someone found the card and liked it, but doesn’t feel the need to get in touch.  That’s fine.  Maybe someone found it, and they’ve spent the last two weeks laughing at me.  That’s fine too, I’ll survive.  But what if I’ve scared the ‘finder’?  That’s exactly the opposite of what I intended.  In an effort to make the card seem special I deliberately made the message inside quite intense and personal – I realise in hindsight that it could possibly come across as a little odd.  So here, for you to judge, is the inside of the card.  [Easier to read if you click on it.]

In the words of my Sister-in-law after I read the message to her:
“That’s pretty full on… it might be okay in context.”

I hope she’s right.

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Another Lunch Hour

I’ve been hiding these messages around Aberdeen for the last couple of days (they’ve got this site’s URL on the back).  If you’ve found a note then please get in touch using the links to the right.

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Another message has been found!  My friend joked with me that if the wrong person found this message they might end up attempting suicide.  Luckily that was not the case.

“I found ‘Make the leap. It could be amazing.’ in my work.  It made my day!  It came at a pretty apt time – I’ve been speaking to a guy online and on the phone for a while now.  I think he sounds pretty amazing, but he lives 4½ hours away.  We were just talking on Monday night about when we’re going to arrange meeting, then on Tuesday I find your message.  I consider it a sign.  Thank you.”

No Barry, thank you – and good luck!

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In My Lunch Hour

I hid these notes around the local shopping mall during my lunch hour today.  They’ve got this website’s URL on the back so hopefully I’ll hear from someone who finds one of them – I hope they like their message.

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You’ve Got Mail

After the excitement of getting two responses from the friendly notes I’ve been leaving for strangers around Aberdeen, I’ve finally gotten round to distributing the last of Message Set #2 today. 

I’ve enjoyed writing the short messages but for a while I’ve been thinking about writing something a bit more substantial so yesterday I bought a greetings card, wrote something sweet inside, addressed it to ‘You’ and, during my lunch hour today, went out and left it in public to be found by a stranger.  I filled the whole card with my message – it’s really more of a friendly essay than a friendly note.  I had planned to post a copy of what I wrote inside the card and I may do that in a few days, but for now I’d like to keep it private.

If you’ve found any of my notes or if you’ve found the greetings card then please get in touch using the links to the right and let me know – I’d really like to hear what you have to say.  Thank you.

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Someone else has found a friendly message.  One which I tucked behind a poster in the vestibule of a coffee shop called Kilau last week (it’s from Message Set #1).  I’ll let their email tell you the rest.

“It’s not an incredible, fantastical story, but a nice one nonetheless…  I found one of your messages. (The best one, I think, after seeing them on your website, Lucky me!)  I found it in the door of Kilau when I was leaving after a catch-up lunch with some old friends.  The note stared me in the face so I nabbed it and chucked it in my pocket.

It has spent about a week floating around, from my pocket to my handbag with a mental note attached (‘Must remember to look up that website!’)  Every time it changed location it got a little bit more crumpled and gained character and some unique traits mapping its travels with me, including a slight smudge of ‘You’re’ from a walk by the River Dee on a drizzly afternoon, lots of fold-marks from idle fiddling while bored at work.Every time I’ve seen it, it’s given me a little smile.  It’s nice that this sort of thing can happen, anonymous compliments.  So I offer you a gracious thankyou… and will do every time I see the note, which I have now stuck to a photo frame on my bedside table.”

You’re welcome Susannah.

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