Yesterday I spent an hour leaving friendly notes around town – I hid some of them in shops and left others out in public view.  Today I checked a couple of places where I’d left them and they had gone, which is exciting.  Now I’m really hoping to hear back from someone who has found one of them, but as yet I haven’t and I’m starting to worry.

A few years ago I attended a business management conference.  One of the lecturers there gave a presentation on marketing and told us that a general rule for handing out flyers, which is probably what distributing my notes is most akin to, is to expect a success rate (someone contacting your organisation) of about 0.5%.  That’s 1 response for every 200 flyers.  Two hundred.  I found it difficult enough to think of 9 relatively non-creepy statements, I don’t know how I could possibly manage 191 more.

Of course, it’s not like I’m not selling anything so that should make things a little more favourable, but I am genuinely concerned that I might not get any responses at all.

So if you’ve found a card then please get in touch and help restore my sanity.

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8 Responses to Worries

  1. Lifelists says:

    I’d want to find ‘Everything will be OK’. All the others would make me feel a little paranoid I think and ‘Tell someone you love them’ is a bit bossy, some of us do that everyday anyway.
    No need to worry though… Everything will be OK!

  2. Jon says:

    I think someone will get in touch, they just will.

    Do you know about BookCrossing? I put a Coupland book in a food freezer bag on Brighton seafront about 6 years ago, containing a code to enter online if you were curious. My book went to Holland the next day (the finder clicked on the link). It is a good feeling. You will have that feeling – eventually 😀

  3. This is very good, but your probabilities are a bit wrong. Assuming you distributed fliers until you got a response, counted up the number you had distributed, then started again, and repeated the exercise over and over, and then took the average number of fliers required each time. Sometimes you would get a response with the first flier, sometimes it might take hundreds, even thousands, before you get a response. The average number of fliers for each “hit” would converge to 200, based on the 0.5% (1/200) chance of any individual flier resulting in a response. This is all based on averages and probabilities, of course technically there is no *guarantee* that you ever get a response. I hope this helps. You’re the best!

    • Thanks Peter, I didn’t give that enough thought when I wrote it. You’ve also got me questioning the spelling of ‘flier’. You’re my favourite.

      • My comment, while technically accurate mathematically (more or less) is all over the place grammatically. For example, conditional tenses: “before you get” should be “before you got”, and so on. Sometimes I think it would be better if someone just hit me with a big shovel, and be done with it.

  4. enemyofchaos says:

    haha I love this.

    Stop worrying.

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