Someone else has found a friendly message.  One which I tucked behind a poster in the vestibule of a coffee shop called Kilau last week (it’s from Message Set #1).  I’ll let their email tell you the rest.

“It’s not an incredible, fantastical story, but a nice one nonetheless…  I found one of your messages. (The best one, I think, after seeing them on your website, Lucky me!)  I found it in the door of Kilau when I was leaving after a catch-up lunch with some old friends.  The note stared me in the face so I nabbed it and chucked it in my pocket.

It has spent about a week floating around, from my pocket to my handbag with a mental note attached (‘Must remember to look up that website!’)  Every time it changed location it got a little bit more crumpled and gained character and some unique traits mapping its travels with me, including a slight smudge of ‘You’re’ from a walk by the River Dee on a drizzly afternoon, lots of fold-marks from idle fiddling while bored at work.Every time I’ve seen it, it’s given me a little smile.  It’s nice that this sort of thing can happen, anonymous compliments.  So I offer you a gracious thankyou… and will do every time I see the note, which I have now stuck to a photo frame on my bedside table.”

You’re welcome Susannah.

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2 Responses to Found!

  1. Rachel Green says:

    It’s not anonymous

  2. Good point, that had slipped by me when I read Susannah’s email.
    I suppose that up to a point the messages are anonymous, right up until the website gets visited (which in many cases it wont be.) I guess that Susannah was referring to the week her note spent ‘floating around’ her handbag, in which case she’s certainly right to use that word.
    Then again, saying that something or someone is anonymous ‘up to a point’ isn’t particularly logical…

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