Message Set #2

So far I’ve gotten no responses from Message Set #1 – a set of friendly notes which I made and then left around Aberdeen last week.  I’m not writing them off as I don’t think they’ve all been found yet, but in the meantime I’ve been making Message Set #2.

They’re a little bit more colourful than the last set of notes – I’ve invested in some proper card (Message Set #1 was made from recycled Cadbury’s Mini Rolls packaging) and they have the URL of this site written on the reverse side so hopefully I’ll get some responses from people who find them.  I’ll be leaving them around the city over the next few days.

If you’re reading this and you’ve found one of my friendly messages then please get in touch using the links to the right and let me know what you thought of it.

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Yesterday I spent an hour leaving friendly notes around town – I hid some of them in shops and left others out in public view.  Today I checked a couple of places where I’d left them and they had gone, which is exciting.  Now I’m really hoping to hear back from someone who has found one of them, but as yet I haven’t and I’m starting to worry.

A few years ago I attended a business management conference.  One of the lecturers there gave a presentation on marketing and told us that a general rule for handing out flyers, which is probably what distributing my notes is most akin to, is to expect a success rate (someone contacting your organisation) of about 0.5%.  That’s 1 response for every 200 flyers.  Two hundred.  I found it difficult enough to think of 9 relatively non-creepy statements, I don’t know how I could possibly manage 191 more.

Of course, it’s not like I’m not selling anything so that should make things a little more favourable, but I am genuinely concerned that I might not get any responses at all.

So if you’ve found a card then please get in touch and help restore my sanity.

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Message set #1

I’ve just finished making my first set of friendly messages – nine 10 x 2cm rectangles of card, each with something different written on them.  It was quite difficult to think of text which would make the card pleasant and not creepy for someone to find.  Here are the finished cards along with some less successful practice runs.

As well as the message on the front I’ve also written this website’s URL on the back.

I’ll be leaving them around Aberdeen over the next couple of days.  I’m hoping to hear back from anyone who finds them.  (If you’ve got one of the cards in your hand as you read this then please click the link to the right and email me.)

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I’ve decided to start leaving friendly messages in unexpected places – partly to brighten up other people’s days and partly as a bit of an experiment (How many people will reply? Did they need cheering up and if so, did the message help? etc.)  You’re either reading this because you’ve stumbled on the site or because you’ve found one of my messages – if it’s the latter then please email me using the link on the right and let me know what you found.

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