You’ve Got Mail

After the excitement of getting two responses from the friendly notes I’ve been leaving for strangers around Aberdeen, I’ve finally gotten round to distributing the last of Message Set #2 today. 

I’ve enjoyed writing the short messages but for a while I’ve been thinking about writing something a bit more substantial so yesterday I bought a greetings card, wrote something sweet inside, addressed it to ‘You’ and, during my lunch hour today, went out and left it in public to be found by a stranger.  I filled the whole card with my message – it’s really more of a friendly essay than a friendly note.  I had planned to post a copy of what I wrote inside the card and I may do that in a few days, but for now I’d like to keep it private.

If you’ve found any of my notes or if you’ve found the greetings card then please get in touch using the links to the right and let me know – I’d really like to hear what you have to say.  Thank you.

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